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Maud Revel

Equine Assisted Learning

Certified Facilitator - Level III

 Dreamwinds - Cartier Farms

Maud discovered horses in Normandy when she was about 7 years old. She learned to ride on a cheeky Dartmoor pony named Nana and found her first jumping partner in a speedy Connemara named Melody. She last competed in show jumping in France with a moody Selle Français named Doria de Theyssamy, and in Canada with a Hanoverian named Hudson KE.

She bought her horse, Australio, with the help of her parents when she was 12 years old. He taught her patience, self control, responsibility.

Over the years, she has been a rider in France, a trail guide and riding school manager in Ireland, and a tour guide in the Haras national du Pin in Normandy. She holds a Galop© 7 from France and a Rider Level 8 in Canada. She is a certified Equine Assisted Learning facilitator (Cartier Farms - Dreamwinds program).


Professional Experience


Maud  started teaching French and English to military personnel of Base Borden in 2008 and has been managing a team of teachers since 2011. In the classroom, she has been exposed to some of the damages of operational stress injuries.


Maud discovered EAL in 2015 and decided it was going to be the next step of her career. Knowing what horses have done for her over the years she now wishes to help others discover the wonderful mediators that horses can be when it comes to leadership, self-confidence, communication, self respect and personal achievements.

Mental Health First Aid - Nov 2017

EAL Facilitator - Level II - Aug 2018

EAL Facilitator - Level III - Aug 2019

Instructor for beginner and beginner jumper - July 2019

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