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I feel extremely grateful for Maud and this program. I started the night overwhelmed and anxious and left
grounded, calm, and thankful that I came. Murphy, the horse, was very understanding and patient with newbies. He read us like a book and that feedback helped me to understand myself more
.  N, Feb 2023

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at New Horserizons, lead by Maud Revel. The experiential learning environment was challenging to my thought process. All my years in the Military conditioned me to perform tasks a certain way, but interaction with the horses challenged that thinking and introduced an alternate approach. Surprising, was my "word" at the end. I was surprised at the level of communication between myself and the horse. I can't wait to go again. K, Jan 2023


I was nervous at the beginning, I didn't think I would be able to complete tasks with the horse Murphy but I did. I boosted my confidence. S, Nov 2022


I went into this with an open mind. I have been looking at the poster on the wall in my therapist's office for I don't know how long. I finally bit the bullet and reached out. I can honestly say I am glad I did. I met some very nice people there, everyone was very friendly and helpful. AB, Nov 2022

I had the honour of joining Maud and the gang from New Horserizons in her EAL course recently!  I’ve not taken an equine assisted learning course before so wasn’t sure what to expect. We did various activities which encouraged us to find ways of communicating, and problem solving that perhaps we aren’t used to. The evening provided a lot of personal reflection afterwards as it highlighted my preferred ways of being with people and approach to solving problems while opening up space for some other possibilities to come forward. I highly recommend Maud’s program, there is so much to be gained and the horses are a lovely bonus. AM, Nov 2022

I was very hesitant coming into the program for the first time but Maud made my first experience very welcoming and I learned a lot about myself and Murphy the horse. D, Dec 2019

By the time this session was finished, I felt grounded and confident. R, Jan 2019


I really enjoyed my experience. I was made to think outside the box and the horses are so smart they even helped solving problems. Jenn, oct 2018

I took my niece and nephew to New Horserizons to do the obstacle courses together. It helped with leadership skills and getting out of our comfort zone. Maud Revel was so knowledgeable and patient. We all enjoyed the new experience and have recommended it to others. If you want to try something new and to work on self improvement/self discovery New Horserizons is the place to go!! Stephanie, Aug 2017

I learned so much about myself & connected with my team members (including our horse) in a really neat way. Maud & her facilitators have a really thoughtful program that I think will benefit many people from all walks of life. Keep up the great work!! Sam, Nov 2017

I came knowing little about horses and how sensitive they are to their human partners. The animals were magnificent, well mannered and friendly. They were very demonstrative of all briefed horseisms, and the handlers are excellent. It seems I have found yet another animal who happens to be much smarter than I. Thanks for the wonderful experience, and I look forward to returning. How many more sessions till I am considered smarter than them? Nov 2017


Maud and the facilitators were amazing! Very kind, patient and non judgmental, which helped increase my comfort level. I learned a lot about team work, communication and perspective. I just did the one session, but I was very impressed. I can't wait to do it again! ;-) Nov 2017


Communication is key, and PTSD has taken that from me. I am learning through “Onehoofatatime” that it’s a process, it’s self awareness, and patience. The Wings of Change combo event has allowed me to understand that I am not alone, I have met so many new friends that “get it”, and also that there is no shame in my injury. You’ve given me hope. Thank you. ️ Nov 2017


This program is an awesome opportunity to learn more about trust, having an open mind & appreciating what you can accomplish when you work as a team. The facilitators are always there to support you & answer questions, so you feel comfortable working with the horses. The horses themselves have the most valuable lessons to share and I appreciate them on a whole new level now. I can’t wait to experience this with more friends & family. Thank you!! Nov 2017


Thank you for all you do. Your support is helping change lives, and helping people to heal and trust again in a safe and healthy environment. Nov 2017

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